LiveSpeech Presentation Skills and Public Speaking Training Workshop


Are you looking for an opportunity to train your public speaking and oral presentation skills in front of a supportive audience and under the guidance of a professional instructor? LiveSpeech brings you 2 days of intensive presentation exercises and public speaking coaching to improve clarity, confidence and purpose. You will learn step-by-step how to create a clearer, more organised, and more structured presentation from the Introduction to the Conclusion, by your own hands, for enhanced communication effectiveness, and with greater efficiency.

Date: 7th - 14th December, 2013
Duration: Two Saturdays
Venue: Precinct Comfort Hotel, Yaba, Lagos
Time daily: 10am - 5pm
Plus: Certificate of Participation

You will go through five course modules working on a unique topic of your choice taken from your line of work, business or research; creating your content; structuring a presentation; presenting to the group; and getting feedback. You will stand before the group giving practice presentations of your work, which will be evaluated / scrutinised on video playback with personalised coaching from the course instructor.

Module-1) Anxiety Management Techniques
Module-2) Planning Your Presentation in 8 Steps
Module-3) Use of Slides and Other Visual Aids
Module-4) Preparing For Your Next Presentation
Module-5) Delivering With Energy and Composure

A) Pay course fee to book your seat
B) Complete your online delegate registration form
COURSE FEE = 30,000 Naira per delegate Book your seat TODAY!
Delegate registration form is available at our website. Visit and select "Open Workshop", to get started.

We encourage you to make it a date this December. Also invite and share this event among your colleagues and friends. Join TODAY!....

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Precinct Comfort Hotel, Yaba, Lagos