Selling Tickets with Us
Our success is based on our efficient and easy to use systems, first class service to both clients and customers and our extensive contacts and knowledge of events, clubs and promoters. Our e-ticket system reduces costs to both promoters and customers.
* You can upload your own event and have it live on the site within minutes. A member of our team will then approve the event, at which point tickets will go on sale.

* Once registered, you can log into your control panel to see how many tickets you have sold and how many remain.

* You can also view past event data, update your profile and add flyers and pictures to your listing to give your customers the best possible information. Your customers can read more information about your event and see a description of your venue.

* We can sell tickets for your event until 2 hours before your doors open.
* You do not need to print paper tickets as we can offer an e-ticket service where customers pay for a reference number which corresponds to a list you print and take to the door.
* There are many ways for customers to find out about your event, even if they are not looking for it specifically which is one of the major advantages of being on our site. They can find your event through recommendations on the home page, the daily planner and by searching by event category, area, venue or date.
* As soon as you have sold a ticket, your customer is definitely coming to your event and may act as a walking advert, spreading the word and encouraging others to come too.

* All booking fees are 10% however on larger volumes or on more expensive tickets, various discounts are available. The charges pay for our credit/debit card processing services, merchant fees, the installation and maintenance of computer hardware and software, telephone lines, labour costs and other expenses associated with the ticket transaction.

* You can tell us how you would like to be paid for your tickets (bank transfer or cheque). We pay you on the Monday following your event and do not hold on to funds.
Customer Services
Our phone lines are answered by our dedicated team so there will always be someone here to deal with any queries.
As your ticket hotline, we can deal with all the calls from your customers requesting information about start times, dress codes etc leaving you free to concentrate on your event.
Download Our Logo
We ask that you include our logo on your flyers, banners or adverts which can be downloaded here:
Link to download our logo
It is useful to put: "Advance tickets available from..." or similar so our logo does not just look like a corporate sponsor and people know to visit our site for tickets.
For any other questions or queries, please Contact Us on by following the link, call us on  +234 (0) 8152122911 or email us on