Presentation Skills and Public Speaking Training for Professionals and Graduates (Lagos)


Are you a Professional, a Business Leader or a Graduate? Come Learn to Prepare, Organise and Deliver Professional Presentations That Make Impact! LiveSpeech is a practical approach to public speaking training designed to help you learn to speak and effectively communicate your ideas in front of an audience.
[1] Benefits
You will learn how to:
-  Prepare yourself adequately ahead of a presentation
-  Organise your content making it clear, relevant and memorable
-  Engage and establish rapport with your audience
-  Overcome your fear of public speaking...
[2] Mode of Training
You will be part of a small class of about 10 participants (maximum, 15). You will have the opportunity to try out the skills that you learn and get critical evaluation.
First, we will start with an interactive seminar focused on helping you to understand some fundamental concepts. The four basic elements of public speaking and presentation namely: Preparation, Organisation, Delivery, and Anxiety Management [PODAM]; will be examined. This is important as it will provide the class with the theoretical framework to which we shall refer for the rest of the training.
Second, because the best learning takes place when you are actively involved in the learning process; grasping the basic elements of public speaking will require practice. You will carry out various exercises designed to help you try out what you are learning. You will also stand up and present to the group. These test-presentations will be video-taped. 
Finally, after each round of test-presentation delivery, your presentation will be reviewed on video-playback, critiqued, and evaluated by the class (your audience) under the supervision of the facilitator. This feedback/evaluation helps you determine your strengths/weaknesses and also discover the areas where you need to work on. This process is repeated again and again allowing you to make changes to your content, style and delivery as we progress. 
Seating Arrangement: To help facilitate the training process, the class will seat in a round-table format. This serves to focus participants on themselves, foster cohesion, and increase class interactivity. 
Key features in summary:
-  Interactive seminars
-  Group exercises
-  Individual practice drills
-  Audio-visual feedback / review
-  Group discussions / evaluation
[3] After the Training
At the end of the training, you should see a significant improvement in your ability to develop and deliver a successful presentation independently all by yourself. A Certificate of Completion will be given to you at the end of the training.
As a bonus, you will get two weeks FREE email and telephone support after the program. This support includes assistance on any presentation that you might have to give whether at work, for business, or at school. This will also help you further understand what you learnt and practised at the training workshop. 
[4] Programme Details 
-  Date - 16th & 23rd March, 2013 
-  Duration - Two Days [Saturdays] 
-  Venue - Precinct Comfort Hotel, Yaba, Lagos Mainland 
-  Time - 10am to 5pm 
 Course Fee - N35,000 [includes course materials & lunch] 
-  Class size - 15 participants 
[5] Inquiries
For your questions and inquiries, please email or call: 
- info(at) 
0818-972-0737 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            0818-972-0737      end_of_the_skype_highlighting 
0803-793-1047 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            0803-793-1047      end_of_the_skype_highlighting 
[6] Important Notes
-  Only 15 seats available
-  No registration at the venue
-  Payment of course fees (booking of seats) closes Tue, 12th March, 2013. 
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Precinct Comfort Hotel, Yaba, Lagos Mainland